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For a while now, my blog has run on Jekyll. I like Jekyll. Jekyll is a “static site generator” which means that it is a piece of software that takes a bunch of files you set up and creates a simple, fast website. If you make a change to your website or add content, you tell Jekyll to generate your site again and then you upload the new site. There are lot of these static site generators out there now, and maybe there was one that would have worked for me.

The main benefit I found with Jekyll is that it gives you complete control over your site. Because the site is simple, just HTML and CSS and JavaScript, there is no database to deal with and your content is stored in plain text files. On the other hand, if you want to do something more complex that just serve static content, you have to use plugins or write the code yourself. Just adding a contact form can be a bit much.

WordPress is a big thing. There is a lot to it and it can do a lot of things I don’t need. But it is widely supported and if I someday do need those bigger features, WordPress will have them. I have used it a lot over the years, and it continues to be a powerful, effective tool. I wanted to revamp my blog a bit and add some features that would have been painful with my old Jekyll site…at least painful for me. WordPress offers a close-to-turnkey solution.

So, here is the new (again) Overstatement…running on WordPress. Let’s hope I don’t change it for a while!